Jacob Pezzulo is an attorney based in Hartford, Connecticut who zealously represents his clients. A graduate of the University of Connecticut School of Law, Attorney Pezzulo was a trial court clerk before serving for two years as a prosecutor in several jurisdictions throughout the state, dealing with everything from traffic cases such as DUIs, to serious felony matters. Having represented the State by handling a heavy volume of cases under strict time constraints, Attorney Pezzulo has a unique perspective when it comes to criminal cases that serves his clients especially well in such matters. Adding to that perspective is the fact that he served as the foreman of a jury in a serious felony trial, a rare experience for attorneys to be afforded. Having sat in the role of a juror gives Attorney Pezzulo a personal experience to draw upon when considering the strengths and weaknesses of each case.


No matter the type of case or the identity of the parties, Attorney Pezzulo has always represented his clients with vigor and effectiveness. As a law student, he served as the president of the UConn chapter of the International Refugee Assistance Project, during which time he travelled to the Middle East twice to work directly with clients of the organization. He is always willing to make adequate time to speak to his clients directly to advise them and to listen to their concerns. That same work ethic and dedication to strive for the most favorable results possible is afforded to every one who engages Attorney Pezzulo’s services.

Jacob Pezzulo